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About us


We educate. We pass on. We taste. With passion, we expand the Polish people’s awareness of coffee of the highest quality.


Exceptional and very rare coffee from a plantation in Papua New Guinea. Difficult to obtain on the Polish market, even though it enjoys deserved popularity. It is characterised by exquisite array of tastes and aromas, penetrating deeply into the senses of each lover of the black beverage.

only at our place

We deliver it with pride and joy to the famous for sophistication cafés and the best vendors in England, France, Austria and many other European countries. Being the only European distributor of the Papuan coffee, we care for its perfectness at our own roasting plant, as a result of which it preserves its remarkable features of quality, freshness and aroma.


Our work is our passion. Our mission is promoting perfect coffee among all of its lovers in the European continent. We have our own coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea that enables us to meet all the demands placed on us – from those individual and precisely profiled to very large whole-sale orders.