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For cafes

We offer cooperation to all who are considering opening their own café. We offer complex assistance in the scope of barista and customer service trainings, deliveries of coffee, lease and sales of gastronomic equipment. We design bars and provide advice on how to best arrange the place of work and the space for guests. We assist in creating menus and building remarkable customer experience.

  • Deliveries of coffee with taste profile adapted to the customers visiting the café
  • Option of creating your own coffee blend with a composition of your choice, with the logo of the café
  • 250g packets with a selected logo for sale to the customers
  • Sales and lease of coffee equipment
  • Barista trainings
  • Sales trainings
  • Customer service trainings
  • Bar designing
  • Arrangement of the place of work and the space for guests
  • Consultation on menu

Our baristas have long-standing experience in working in gastronomy, they are enthusiasts for whom the things that are most important are the quality and accuracy of the service, and above all, customer satisfaction. We attach great importance to building customers’ awareness, which has a positive influence on maximising sales.