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Wedding offer

Wedding offer

Do you want your wedding party to be exceptional, to make this unforgettable day remain in your guests’ memories as an important event and at the same time as an adventure and expedition into the unknown?

Do you desire to mark it with a unique character? To shine and dazzle with discreet elegance, adding radiance to the happy moments? Do you want to celebrate this day with a special setting? To enchant with good taste and an alluring note of exotic?

We will be happy to assist you in this!
We will make your dreams come true!
Bring a refreshing breeze into the celebration!
Pour energy into the hearts and souls of your Honourable Guests!
Serve the best coffee from the best baristas!

With the Wedding Couple in mind, with the desire to add our own contribution to making such an important day even more attractive, worthy of the finest setting, we have prepared a special wedding offer. Aromatic, tasty and seasoned with the refreshing energy of the mountains!


  • mobile coffee bar at the scene of the event: special varieties of freshly roasted coffee beans, ground just before brewing; fresh beans straight from our plantations in the heart of Papua New Guinea (mountainous areas)
  • coffee and milk served without limitation, sophisticated alcoholic drinks based on coffees, a wide choice of both classic and fruit teas
  • barista service for 9 hours: from the start of the event; mobile bar fully equipped with chinaware and necessary accessories, with elegant menu available on the tables
  • flavoured syrups for dessert coffee lovers:
  • for those who treat coffee as a dessert two-group espresso machine and grinder mill: supplement our baristas professional equipment
  • a gift for the guests, a 100-gram packet of coffee: a gift that will let you stay in your guests’ memories for a long time

to preserve the memories…

It is not only memories and sweet gifts from the Wedding Couple that each of the guests will take home with them. On our part, we have also prepared excellent coffee in 100-gram packages, handed to the wedding participants as a stylish gift and additional thanks for having fun together!


How do we serve coffee?

We recommend drinking it without any sweetening additives. Thanks to the high quality of the beans and skilful brewing, our coffee is characterised by natural sweetness. However, we also understand those who treat it as a dessert. Especially for them we have prepared some most excellent flavoured syrups! But we know from experience that whoever has once tried our coffee brewed by a professional barista, will soon permanently give up adding sugar…

Already soon after grinding, coffee starts to lose some of its qualities and the properties of the essential oils. The longer we tarry with brewing it, the more of the aromas escape and the taste gets weaker. In order to prevent this and serve your guests the best coffee with the best preserved depth of taste – we grind it first upon receiving the order. Directly and especially for this particular cup of the black gold that we wish to share with you!

What makes us unique?

We know the coffee from the bean. From the core of its taste and aroma. Literally. We have our own coffee plantations in Papua New Guinea. We cultivate them there according to traditional recommendations, in compliance with the knowledge of the local population who hand down the family secrets of cultivation from generation to generation, to new trainees of this unusual art. We also have our own coffee roasting plant where we polish its noble flavours, varieties and unique natural aromas.

Our coffees are freshly roasted. We adjust the roast profile to the type of coffee, appropriately differentiating its fragrance and taste. Thanks to the careful inspection of every stage of production, we are able to prepare coffees that are naturally sweet (without any sugar added), with unique colour and depth of taste. Our long-standing experience and the skills learned from the Papuan growers and practiced for years enable us to extract the natural sweetness from each bean of our crops.