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Barista training 2.0 – advanced course

A huge amount of theoretical and practical knowledge, and exercises. We build coffee consciousness and willingness for self-development. We teach how to understand relationships between different factors, their mutual impact and above all the influence on the taste of coffee. A barista is not a person who brews coffee.

Barista is a person who has at least some basic knowledge on the entire process, which begins on the plantation and ends with a smile from above the cup; and skills that enable them to make proper decisions in order to achieve this effect.

  • The same as in the basic course Barista 1.0
  • Impact of the individual factors on the taste of espresso
  • Ratio – the notion and how to handle it
  • Espresso z from various coffees, differences in the taste
  • Espresso / doppio – differences in the taste
  • Adjustment of the grinder
  • Dose – distribute – tamp – repeat
  • Arrangement of the workplace
  • Latte-art
  • Heart, rosette, tulip
  • Practice, technique improvement, correction of errors
  • Patterns consisting of a larger number of elements
  • Varieties of coffee, differences
  • Conditions of cultivation, plantation
  • Coffee roasting
  • Blend vs single
  • How to evaluate the quality of coffee

2 days, approx. 5-6 hrs each