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We offer creating your own private label with any logo, e.g. of your company. At your disposal is the whole front label and 90% of the counter label (we have to place there some information required by the law).

Tell us what the coffee is to taste like, and we will prepare it for you. We have a sampler (a mini roaster) at our disposal and with it, we can create several taste proposals especially for you, adjust the composition of the blend as well as the grade and profile of roasting, and recreate them in a traditional roaster in any quantity.

We will roast and deliver to you coffees in elegant packages of 50g/ 100g / 250g/ 500g/ 1000g or in bulk package.


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Would you like to open your own roasting plant or take up sales of coffee but you are not sure if this is a good idea? Take advantage of your coffee roasting plant and our beans. You can roast your own coffee or outsource it to us. This way, you avoid the biggest investment, which is the purchase of the kiln and rent of warehouse space.